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Heroes behind headlines

Listen to the real human stories that define our world! 

Every episode...features First-hand accounts from men and women living and working behind the scenes, who live real-life adventures.

The actual stories behind the headlines you know, told by the heroes you don’t. 

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HBH's Host Ralph Pezzullo


A New York Times and International Bestselling author whose books have sold millions of copies worldwide, Ralph was literally born into the world of geopolitics as the son of a legendary United States Diplomat who brokered the 1979 resignation of Nicaragua’s strongman dictator, after more than four decades of rule.


Growing up in Nicaragua, Mexico, Vietnam, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, and Uruguay, he witnessed first-hand historic events like the 1963 overthrow of South Vietnam’s President, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, the early days of Che Guevara’s rebellion in Bolivia, and the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua. 


With a Masters in International Affairs, Ralph has honed his investigative instincts as a reporter, writer, playwright, screenwriter and author of stories from around the world. He now brings us the voices of the real people he encountered and befriended in politics, diplomacy, intelligence, and the military.


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